UI anti pattern: website loading bars Thierry Rietsch on JavaScript loading bars. “Website loading bars appear on more and more websites of all kind — unfortunately. The usage of this pattern is a really bad idea as it duplicates existing functionality combined with cognitive distraction.” Lessons from the “Seductive Interaction Design” Book Useful extracts about UX design from the “Seductive Interaction Design” book. Usability checklist A handy checklist with common usability rules. Learning to see Oliver Reichenstein explains the difference between “design” and “taste” and why good design can be ugly. “[Design] is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Is this the beginning of the “Success by UX” era? Andrew Cross on whether we are entering an era “where new products with a great UX will rapidly take down established, but outdated players.” 7 reasons why you can’t sell usability, and what to do about it Craig Tomlin on how to sell usability. “The audience is completely un-receptive to ANY sales message, because the service is not understood.”