NoSQL data modeling techniques Ilya Katsov on NoSQL data modeling. “NoSQL data modeling often requires a deeper understanding of data structures and algorithms than relational database modeling does. In this article I describe several well-known data structures that are not specific for NoSQL, but are very useful in practical NoSQL modeling.” A manifesto for a happy creative life Eric Karjaluoto on the importance of practice. “People often confuse doodling with practice. Good practice isn’t solely about doing what you want, or what feels good. To improve, you need to force yourself to do work that’s challenging, and perhaps beyond your current capabilities.” How to become a good web-developer A draft of an article “How to become a good web-developer” The Habits of Successful People: They Start Before They Feel Ready James Clear on the most important habit of successful people. “It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to start a business, lose weight, write a book, or achieve any number of goals… who you are, what you have, and what you know right now is good enough to get going.” Good Designers, Good Clients Laura Kalbag on the importance of good communication with clients. “As a designer, fifty percent of your work is communication. Probably even more. If you don’t enjoy communicating with your clients, then you’ll really struggle to succeed in client services.” UI anti pattern: website loading bars Thierry Rietsch on JavaScript loading bars. “Website loading bars appear on more and more websites of all kind — unfortunately. The usage of this pattern is a really bad idea as it duplicates existing functionality combined with cognitive distraction.” HELP! I’m Too Smart for My Job Liz Ryan on a good place to work in. “There is no job security left except the kind we carry around with us -- our wits and our track record, specifically - so we can't afford to dull our edge working in a place where people don't think and don't question. It will harm us to do that, mentally and physically.” What the heck is arbejdsglaede? Happiness at work. I will not do your tech interview Ike Ellis on technical interviews. “Some people do very well with traditional interviews and they should stick with what works for them. However, I’d urge any company to really look hard at what their interview process is screening for. Does it accurately produce employees that do great work and fit well with the team?” People simply empty out Charles Bukowski on life and full time employment. “To not to have entirely wasted one's life seems to be a worthy accomplishment, if only for myself.” Older posts →