I am passionate about providing customers with services and applications that make their lives easier and more enjoyable to lead.

My job calls for two kinds of expertise: working with people and working with technology. When these two challenges are met, it becomes possible for every member of the team to contribute to the creation of great products – and a great company.



August 2017 — Current
Head of Innovation and Implementation, Next Tuesday GmbH / admetrics GmbH
September 2015 — Juli 2017
Head of Fraud Prevention, Next Tuesday GmbH / admetrics GmbH


Juli 2014 — August 2015
Software Engineer, Next Tuesday GmbH


  • Single Page Applications development
  • QA automatisation, including complicated tasks that can be performed only by bots: simulating the user actions by sending OS input signals, opening one application on top of another one, etc
  • Maintenance of a continuous integration system (CI itself and UNIX servers for it). Just to clarify: in my opinion CI is closely tied to code quality and QA, so it makes sense that developers, and not the ops, are responsible for it (unless DevOps is practiced)
  • Data analysis
  • Development of various SDKs for media agencies and the following support: documentation, screencasts, webinars

Other activities:

  • Teaching web-development, covering topics such as front-end, back-end, UNIX, UX, QA, performance and how to reduce costs without affecting end product quality in big projects
  • Coaching, e.g. Rail Girls events
  • Workshops
October 2012 — Juni 2014
Head of Front-end Development Department, RBC

In this post, I undertook the following primary responsibilities:

  • Redesigning high-load websites (that is, those with more than 30 million hits/100 million page views a month). This was completed to challenging deadlines by organizing and leading teams of between five and ten developers
  • Streamlining the architecture of projects by adopting and adapting cutting-edge technologies
  • Enhancing brand identity
  • Shortening development time by reconfiguring workflows and switching to service-oriented architecture
  • Creating tailor-made development and testing tools
  • Integrating a quality assurance division into the development process

Additional responsibilities included:

  • Devising the department’s development strategy
  • Undertaking liaison and co-operation with other company departments
  • Hiring, training, supervising and mentoring staff
  • Overseeing research and development
March 2012 — October 2012
Team Leader and Senior Front-end Developer, RBC

This role involved:

  • The design of system architectures
  • Liaising with other RBC divisions
  • Hiring, training, supervising and mentoring staff – many of whom are still with RBC
  • Overseeing research and development
  • Writing project documentation and introducing programming techniques
  • Helping other divisions to contribute to the workflow more efficiently by asking them what problems they faced and suggesting solutions
  • Writing coding standards and overseeing their implementation throughout the company
June 2011 — March 2012
Front-end developer, RBC

I joined RBC just after a some highly accomplished front-end developers had left, so I had to take over – and successfully complete – a number of complex projects.

In this job, I was responsible for:

  • JavaScript programming (Rich Internet Applications and visual effects)
  • HTML coding for mobile phones and the main internet browsers

I also had to make presentations dealing with:

  • JavaScript unit testing
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • JavaScript project design (architecture)

Finally, I changed development workflows so that front-end developers started to work with a version control system, Linux command line and real templates (rather than static files).

2007 — 2011