Workshops, workshops!

You know what’s more fun than learning new things? Learning them together with awesome people!

If you want to get better at web development or want to learn web development, but don’t know where to start, register for the workshops you are interested in and have a time of your life.


The coming workshops are:

  • Web development starts here. We are going to build a simple website and learn the basics in the process.
  • Layouts, responsive design, CSS animations, and other concepts for people who already know HTML & CSS 101.
  • Learn how to let the user interact with your website and how to respond on these interactions. Load data without page reload, show dialogs, and more. JavaScript is everywhere now, so let’s JavaScript!
  • Python is used by many and in many fields, including web development, data science, and automation. It’s an extremely powerful and at the same time easy to learn language, so let’s learn what we can do with it and how.

How long

Depends on a group, but 7-8 hours are expected. Starting at 10:00.

What do I need

A laptop, an open mind and a lot or curiousity.

Who’s the couch?

I’m a professional web developer. I create websites, apps and services, and do mentoring when needed. If you want more details, you can always check the CV.

How much?

It’s free.


At the house of Next Tuesday: Hanauer Landstrasse 161-173. It’s Ostbahnhof, relatively close to the new European Central Bank building.


With a smile.

...How do I register, I mean.

Please send an email to