Software engineering

I’m a full-stack developer, but my focus is on front-end development and user experience.

My love affair with programming began when computers still ran on Basic, and it has continued through Delphi and C++ to the latest versions of JavaScript and Python.

My approach to programming emphasises the automation of all routine functions to allow the team to focus on the tasks that call for creativity and lateral thinking.

At present, I am working on the software architecture and the user interfaces of high-load websites. This includes Rich Internet Applications and Single Page Applications. To accomplish these tasks, I spend much of my time experimenting with state-of-the-art technologies, libraries and frameworks, and I try to attract team members with the same enthusiasm for finding fresh solutions to familiar problems.

That said, it has been my experience that technical skills alone are not sufficient to create a large, thriving company. They must be married to best practice and the latest development principles. With this in mind, I have been trained in the theory of management, and have gained practical experience in carrying it out.

My success in doing so was recently evaluated by a Business School.